At their surface, the newest Taurus and Leo matchmaking is a great connection

At their surface, the newest Taurus and Leo matchmaking is a great connection

What’s interesting in regards to the Taurus and you will Leo combo ‘s the resemblance in their mottos. Leo provides the motto “I would like.” Taurus comes with the slogan “I’ve.” Each other signs was materialistic and you may like new classy lifetime.

Even when it grounds can make her or him compatible, it’s a dangerous similarity. Those two run the risk of frivolous purchasing and high-risk investments. The couple you are going to appreciate hiring another accountant to deal with some thing in their mind. Then there is particular financial damage control in position if required.

Taurus and Leo Polarity

From inside the astrology, every sign aligns having an effective polarity. The two polarities are Yin and you may Yang pushes. Yin are female. Yang was male. This new recommendations to masculine and you may female try forms of opportunity, not sex records.

Taurus aligns to the Yin force. Leo aligns for the Yang force. The newest combination of equal Yin and reverse Yang forces allows for balance from energetic affects. Most of the try really for as long as the new events about Taurus and you may Leo matchmaking centers around benefits.

Yin and you may Yang pushes can also be polarize. In such a case, the fresh new inactive Yin times expands passive-aggressive and you can self-losing. Whenever excessive Yin powers exist, it can make a man competitive and you will domineering. Harmony is one thing brand new characters normally reclaim.

To fix out of sync Yin energies, Taurus should embrace far more Yang energies. Ergo, Taurus has to be even more cocky and you can step-created.

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